The coach campbell award

Through our foundation, August Turak offered a $5,000 donor match challenge in fall 2020 after learning an inner-city football team had to share helmets in a pandemic and they barely had budget to buy footballs much less uniforms and gear. You answered that call which turned into a $10,000 grant to buy new uniforms and gear for the SRMH Bulldogs Football team. 

Since then, our foundation has become increasingly invested in the SRMH Football program and a coaching staff committed to helping these inner-city boys blossom into successful men. Head coach, Edwin Campbell and his assistant coaches, staff, and parents have blown us away with their commitment to community and the ways in which they constantly strive for excellence in life. 

Recently, August Turak and Coach Campbell collaborated to create the Coach Campbell Award for leadership, commitment to excellence, and exceptional character as a player and a gentleman. The Coach Campbell Award comes with a beautiful trophy and a $500 college scholarship. August Turak has personally financed a 20-year endowment fund through the SKSF for this award.

The SKSF was invited to attend the 2021 SRMH Football Awards Ceremony as guest speaker, August Turak shared with these young men how we had only originally planned to help them get some uniforms and football equipment but then we were so inspired by what these coaches are doing for these young men that our entire foundation was moved to do more. 

Congratulations to Shelton Hankins – the first recipient of the SKSF/SRMH Coach Campbell Award. Shelton is a fine young man, excelling on the football field, excelling academically, and excelling in life. Shelton Hankins leads others by his own example of exceptional character as a player, a scholar, and a gentleman.

We look forward to sharing Shelton’s story, revealing his college of choice, and all the ways he will make his mark in the world.