Sarah's Story

I first became involved with the SKSF in 2017. Upon meeting Turak in London, I was thoroughly inspired by his mission, his writing and his overall message of service and selflessness. In the beginning, I volunteered for this meaningful cause. By 2018, I was given a summer internship. My focus was divided between areas ranging from creative production to marketing and sales, working towards the release of Turak’s perineal classic, ‘Brother John: A Monk, a Pilgrim, and the Purpose of Life that fall.

Alongside this journey, I was also offered a place on the Stella Adler Studio of Acting Conservatory Programme in New York. The only obstacle which stood in the way of me and my dream, was funding my tuition. The foundation seemed quite impressed with my understanding of their mission and my eagerness to serve. Then the SKSF offered me an extension on my internship program – with my tuition funds paid for through the Educating Emily Fund. 

In 2020, I graduated Stella Adler – during the pandemic. That hasn’t stopped my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, not even a little. The heart of the message of Stella Adler was “Growth as a human being and as an actor are synonymous.” I am forever grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity.  

It not only provided me with a deeper self-knowledge but a greater understanding of why it is so important to invest time in each other and our own personal development. The SKSF has been a community, walking along side me on my journey toward a life of making meaning and money and I will be forever grateful.

I was delighted to hear that Lexi Miller is the second young lady given the opportunity to participate in the SKSF internship program and support the ongoing efforts to mentor sweet Emily. One of so many highlights during my internship was the summer I spent in North Carolina – not only did I get to meet Miss Emily for myself, but I got to volunteer during her CKL Girls Camp week at the lake where I got to invest in over thirty young girls and meet an amazing community of people dedicated to service, with a heart for youth!

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