Bulldog's Story

In fall of 2020, August Turak’s personal trainer, Ron Bellamy shared about his fundraising efforts to help support the inner-city football team he coaches. The Southeast Raleigh Magnet High Bulldogs Football team had to share helmets and they barely had budget to buy footballs. 

Ron Bellamy is not only a personal trainer, but he also works long hours managing a team who make bail and sentencing recommendations. He is a father, active in his church, and assistant coach of an inner-city football team. 

Our foundation does not have any interest in investing in football per se. What we believe in is Ron and his uncompromising message of hard work, sacrifice, moral character, and faith as the way to overcome any obstacles life has to offer. We also want to invest in men who back up these beliefs with countless hours mentoring young black boys at ground zero. 

One of our missions here at the SKSF is to help young people grow – physically, morally, and spiritually. In the spirit of service and selflessness we decided to support the Bulldog Football program. Through our foundation, Turak offered a $5,000 donor match which turned into a $10,000 grant for the Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School Bulldogs staff to secure new uniforms, helmets, footballs, and other necessary gear for the entire team.

Since then, our foundation has become increasingly invested in the SRMH Football program and a coaching staff committed to helping inner city boys blossom into successful men. Head coach, Edwin Campbell has blown us away with his commitment to excellence. 

We look forward to many more great things to come! Go Bulldogs!

Discover how this effort led to a 20-year endowment personally funded by August Turak through the foundation to create the Coach Campbell Award & Scholarship.