What August Means To Me

by melissa hawks

AUGUST just happens to be the month I was born. When I was younger, I guess the word ‘August’ always made me think of hot summer days, birthday cakes, and the burning colored candles melting down onto the cream frosting as I struggled to settle on just one wish!

Now when I hear the word, ‘August,’ I think not of a great month, but of a great man. I’d only met August Turak briefly once prior to 2007. Then, quite unexpectedly, by August 2008 I had walked away from my previous career and accepted a full time position here at the nonprofit organization founded by this man, August.    

I’ve spent every day since 2008 working alongside August Turak – watching this man lead by example, always going first and always practicing what he preaches. I have seen him through struggles and I have seen him through successes. Always I have been witness to his kind heart for others and his dedication to service and selflessness.

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Yet, I still find it difficult to put into words what August means to me. It would indeed require more than a few mere defining characteristics or distinguishing values. After all, his entire life has been spent on a quest for meaning and purpose! I guess it makes perfect sense then, finding it impossible to sum the man up in a couple of sentences or paragraphs! 

The most meaningful praises I can think of are actually in the personal stories of all the people we meet along the way. Some people have known August since his childhood, others since high school or college, and still others during his stellar career as a super successful entrepreneur. Perhaps they met Turak tending tirelessly (in some form or fashion) to the sparks seen in young people just starting out and searching themselves, for the meaning of life… 

Stories from people who happed upon one of August’s books or articles and how it has changed them. Stories from people our foundation has helped and from the people our foundation is currently helping. These are the untold stories of the people Turak’s lifelong work has informed, inspired, educated, and encouraged onward toward what Turak calls a “transformation of being.”

My own story has led me to this point… this exact place in time…  and the journey has prepared me for this… to tell these stories here.    

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  1. Augie Turak has been one of the guiding lights of my life since my early twenties. (I’m just a bit older than that now.) His wisdom, his compassion, his dedication, but most of all his sincerity–the certain knowledge that he believes what he says, and he lives his life by his beliefs–those are the beacon that I can always steer by.

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